Café Bloom [has] built on the unique industrial history of the area in a magnificent way... [it] nurtures a unique communal spirit where everyone feels instantly welcome... The menu is seasonal and cooked with mucho love in the open kitchen in the back. Ingredients are fresh, cooked with simplicity, and ridiculously fairly priced.

MTL Food Snob, 26 November 2014


"We can give you one good enough reason to venture out to Pointe Saint-Charles for your next café discovery: Le Café Bloom... bright and comforting...  a view of their open kitchen and mismatched furniture adds to their charm and even more so, the family- and student-friendly atmosphere... Everything is made in-house with fresh ingredients., 16 September 2014


"Café Bloom is as warm and friendly as any!... This café is definitely worth a visit!"  

Me, Myself & Montreal, 14 January 2014


"There’s finally good coffee in Pointe St-Charles. Just don’t go telling everyone, okay?... Café Bloom brings brightness, elegance and - hallelujah! - proper espresso to this old-school neighbourhood... It makes the Pointe an easy sell. Which worries me, because we all know what happens to neighbourhoods once too many espresso-drinkers “buy in.”" 

Forget The, 13 January 2014


"There are some places that have a certain kind of intangible feeling that makes you feel comfortable and at home. Café Bloom is such a place... The food is fresh, healthy and comforting and the ambiance makes you want to stick around for hours." 

Will Travel for, 31 December 2013


"All in all it was lovely and the staff were really nice too... Congrats Pointe-St-Charles!  You’ve got a great addition!" 

Roasted, 2 May 2013